40+ Brilliant Combinations Ideas With Bracelets To Try This Year

Looking for a way to get the most out of your jewelry box stuffed with bracelets of all shapes and sizes? There are many ways to pull fashion miracles with the right tools, but a simple way to utilize your treasure trove of bangles is to pick up the stacked bracelets style.

The look you can create by combining different pieces up your arm is unique to you, as no one else has matched all of those particular pieces together before. Two or more simple designs can attract a lot of attention if paired well, much more than any of the pieces would get by alone. That’s the true beauty of stacking bracelets.

But the trick is pulling this off effectively. There are a few things to keep in mind as you sort through your collection:

Don’t mix silver and gold jewelry. This is never a good idea and just looks sloppy. While you can mix other materials with either, just don’t put them together.

Work in multiple colors. As long as you are stacking bracelets, incorporating different shades and hues is a natural choice. The colors don’t have to match, just make sure you like the effect the color combos create.

Don’t combine big beaded bracelets with highly detailed bracelets. Large beads can wrap up your arm and provide a bright color to your layered bracelets, but they just look gaudy and cheap when next to more elegantly designed bracelets. The small details of your nicest bracelet will get lost behind the glaring sheen of your neon pink beaded bracelets.

Do match beaded bracelets with other beaded bangles and with leather armlets.

Stick all your stacked bracelets on one arm. Often the left arm is the one fashionistas most favor, but left-handed people may prefer to stack up their right one instead.

You don’t have to buy multiple bracelets to pull off the layered look. Pick up a wrap bracelet that goes around the wrist a few times for a smaller scale of the same style.

A few popular mixing and matching choices are leather and gold jewelry, silver and leather jewelry, beaded and leather jewelry, and pre-made bracelet sets. Coming up with your own combinations is really the fun behind the fashion of stacking bracelets. There is also one arm accessory that should never be stacked with itself: watches. No one will take a person seriously if she is wearing more than one watch.

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