40+ Fascinating Pixie Hairstyles Ideas For Women To Try Asap

By constantly changing their looks women try to fool time and to make old age forget about them. That is why you constantly see movie stars with another haircut, with different clothes for every event they attend to and with interesting new jewelry at every public appearance.

In their attempt to stop time at a certain point of their lives, some women choose to make radical changes. In the world of famous female artists or politicians there are so many examples of those who have abruptly decided to cut their long locks and have adopted a short hairstyle which made them smile all the time. It is general knowledge that short hair accentuates the childish features of a person.

As they begin to age most of the women automatically choose pixie haircuts as it saves them the trouble of combing, untangling and generally taking care of long hair. This is not the case of famous young singers who have made an art of their short hairstyles. With long unusually styled bangs, and with merely skin cut hair on the rest of their heads, these women express through their image the strength they have discovered while growing up.

But the word pixie makes us think more about tiny, pretty, magical creatures. Another variant of this haircut is presented to us by one of the movie characters in the famous “Twilight” series. However dangerous this creature might have been, and whatever criminal thoughts she might have had, they are all cushioned by the image of this lovely movie star, with delicate features and a crazy, childish hairstyle.

When you feel like changing your style you can start with your haircut. First of all make sure that you won’t cry after your long locks. Once you have solved this extremely important point, you can even try your own skills in this domain. The crazier the result, the better it will look with styling mousse or spray on it. Of course, if that doesn’t work make an appointment to a real hairdresser. By using professional hair care products this person could solve the mess you have made and give it a new shape which you will simply love.

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