Beautiful Wedding Candlelight Decorations Ideas To Try Today 43
Beautiful Wedding Candlelight Decorations Ideas To Try Today 43

40+ Beautiful Wedding Candlelight Decorations Ideas To Try Today

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There’s nothing quite as romantic as a candlelight wedding ceremony followed by a sit down dinner and some live music. This is the ultimate in formal wedding affairs, an occasion where everything must be absolutely perfect, from the bridal gown to the floral arrangements to the wedding favors for your guests. The band should play music that’s appealing to all, a mix of non-invasive “soft” sounds during the meal to some pick-me-up dance music after dessert.

To do a candlelight wedding you first need to find a hall that will allow it. Most hotels have fire codes where only battery-operated candles are allowed – not quite the same kind of ambiance. They look great in the window at Christmas time, but there’s something about a flickering flame that just makes real candles so much more appealing. Country Clubs typically allow them and fraternal organizations generally make their own rules, so start the venue search early.

Attire and floral arrangements have to be just right. A shimmering satin wedding gown will do wonderful things in a candlelit room, but not every bride finds that appealing. Inset jewels or rhinestones reflect nicely. These can be on the gown itself, on the veil, or simply a part of the accessories a bride will wear as part of her attire. The groom (let’s not forget him) can also accessorize to create some candlelight special effects for your wedding guests.

For best effect, and for safety reasons, a sit-down meal is a better option than a buffet. Couples who do ceremony and reception in one place don’t want their guests to be moving around too much, especially with open flames burning on each table or around the hall. Get everyone in, light the candles, and shut the lights off. Waiters and waitresses can bring food and drinks to everyone and children need to be kept in their seats. You could even announce that before you turn the lights out and encourage trips to the rest room in advance to avoid unnecessary floor activity.

Finally, there are the wedding favors. A candlelight wedding is memorable no matter what you do, but placing¬†Champagne Flute Candle Favors¬†in the middle of each table and then giving one in a box to each of your guests will make those memories timeless. It’s a reaffirming experience for a couple with multiple years of marriage under their belts to walk into a friend’s home and see that commemorative champagne flute on a mantle or shelf. Most people use them over and over again.

Have you started the planning yet? Remember to include a few extra helpers for the wedding day. Someone has to set up the hall, place the candles, and light them at the right time. You’ll also need an organizer on the floor and it cannot be the bride, groom, or anyone in the wedding party. You all have roles to play on that very special day. Organize in advance, plan carefully, and enjoy the wedding. It should be a once in a lifetime experience.

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