Surprising Hairstyles Ideas For Ash Blonde Hair That Looks Cute 37
Surprising Hairstyles Ideas For Ash Blonde Hair That Looks Cute 37

40+ Surprising Hairstyles Ideas For Ash Blonde Hair That Looks Cute

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Brunettes or blondes that is the question and we’ve all heard the blonde jokes but ignore those and just go for what’s going to suit you the best. If you’re thinking of going blonde (or blonder), here’s a guide on how to choose from the do it yourself home kits that are widely available.

The first thing to remember if you’ve never coloured your hair before, is that it’s a risky business and we urge that you don’t ignore safety features such as the 48 hour patch test and that you follow guidelines on lightening your shade or you may end up with that dodgy orange that people try so hard to avoid.

The second thing to consider is your skin tone, you may absolutely love a haircut and colour on a celebrity or friend but you have to think carefully about whether this would look good on you, in terms of skin tone, face shape and hair type. If you’re not sure, your hairdresser will advise and they do tend to know what they’re talking about.


Blonde can suit all different types of hairstyles but you may be disappointed with the result if you don’t plan carefully first. For example, if you’ve got lovely long, dark brown, shiny hair and you wish to go blonde, it’s important to realise that dying it blonde could make it dry and also make it look much thinner than the brunette version. This is one of the reasons why very light blondes often go for a short, choppy and funky style with which good condition is easier to maintain. The other thing is that it may take a few goes to get it as light as you want it so we’d recommend having it done professionally to start with and then doing it yourself from then on.

With the ever popular fringe, remember that blonde can make the fringe look less full so if you like the blunt, full fringe make sure you’ve got lots of hair if you’re blonde otherwise think about going for a darker shade.

You can get away with a lot if you have curly hair but with sleek locks, the conditioning has to be perfect so when lightening your hair, it’s worth investing in some professional hair care products that will save you from the dreaded scarecrow hair.


Ice / Platinum Blonde – Great for those with high cheekbones and pixie features and those with a quirky or asymmetric hairstyle.

Light Ash / Ash Blonde – A subtle blue / grey tinge gives this blonde a real edge and can make blue eyes appear even bluer.

Baby Blonde – for that sweet and innocent look, like butter wouldn’t melt, this is a great choice for those with fine hair and a cute little baby fringe.

Natural Blonde – Perfect for those who are trying to convince the world that they’re a natural blonde or for those who are not quite as blonde as they’d like to be.

Golden Blonde – This can create gorgeous shiny blonde locks even for those with longer hair because of the lower levels of peroxide.

Dark Blonde – A subtle shade better for covering greys than creating drama or a whole new look.

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