40+ Best Homemade Wine Glasses Candle Holders Ideas For Christmas

Wine glasses are always great to look at. Besides their function, many wine glasses have innate aesthetic value. When displayed on a rack, they look elegant and symbolize taste and sophistication. Wine glasses have many uses, and can endure quite a beating during their lifetime.

If you are about to purchase a new set, do not throw away the previous ones, you can use them as decorative items by getting them painted and displayed or as gifts, or you can transform them into beautiful candle holders.

One such way is to create soy wax candles using your old wine glasses. Soy candles of various colors and aromas can be made and gently poured into glasses. These make wonderful table decorations and unique gifts for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or even New Year’s. Your family and friends will be enthralled to receive such lovely presents. In fact, when throwing a dinner party, you can place each wine glass candle at every seat, and your guest can take them home afterwards. Wine glass soy candle holders make great party flavors.

To start making these beatific creations, you will need: –

• Wine glasses (you can also buy inexpensive ones at thrift stores or hobby shops)

• Coffee mugs

• Double boiler

• Soy wax (get ones which are eco-friendly)

• Wicks

• Wax dye

• Fragrance oils (vanilla is a sure bet)

• Glue

• Candy thermometer

To begin, first make sure that your glasses are clean by rinsing them in warm tepid water. Let aerate completely. To make the clean up process speedier, your wine glasses should be assembled on a sheet of foil or newspapers.

Next, position your wick in the center of glass and use adhesive to secure via the metal tab. Purchase wicks that already come attached to tabs, your job will be easier and faster. Use a pencil to move the wick exactly dead center.

Carefully add the soy wax into the double boiler and ‘cook’ according to instructions. As the wax begins to thaw out, put in the candy thermometer right into the wax and secure it by the side of the double boiler. Soy waxes can be tricky as their temperatures vary, so always read the instructions and follow to the tee.

Once the soy wax is fully malleable and the temperature reading is accurate, you can now add the candle dye. Make sure the dye is fully combined and then pour gently into the mixture, doing this a little at a time. The color normally becomes lighter when the wax congeals, so be sure to add an appropriate amount. Blend concisely for about two to three minutes.

Check the temperature of the wax before putting in fragrance oil. For each pound of wax, drop about 1.5 ounces of fragrance, keeping in mind to not put too much as it will overwhelm your wax mixture.

Once this is completed, gently pour the wax into wine glasses and straighten the wicks accordingly back to the center.

The wax will harden in twenty four hours.

Once hardened, trim the wicks.

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