40+ Surpirising Red Nail Art Designs Ideas To Show Your Style

Nail Polish has been dated back to the Egyptians who would use henna to stain their fingertips and toenails, they would use different colors to specify their rank in society with red being the top of the rank. Nail polish has come along way thanks to industry leaders like China Glaze.

China Glaze, is a leading supplier of professional nail lacquers. Their nail enamels are known globally for their chip resistant, durable and long lasting shiny finish. China Glaze produces their polishes with the highest quality ingredients and state of the art technology. Not only does this unique Corporation produce world class nail polishes but they offer an extensive collection of fast acting and effective nail treatments. Whether you bite your nails, can’t get them to grow, develop fungus easily or suffer from dry and brittle nails they are sure to offer a convenient solution. What makes China Glaze lacquers so durable compared to other brands is their use of China Clay. They use this special ingredient as their hardening agent, which produces the porcelain like strength and high gloss finish.

Red has always been a favorite choice among men and women, with its flirtatious reputation it makes for a classic pick for your date night out on the town. Remember to consider your skins undertones when choosing your red nail polish color.

Red Polish Guide:

* Dark or Golden complexions – Try a true deep red or plum stay away from bronze.

* Pale complexions – You could go for a strawberry, raspberry or darker reds with a blue base.

* Medium complexions – Try darker reds like a wine or burgundy stay away from reds with a blue base.

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