40+ Fancy Red Lip Ideas For Beautiful Women To Try This Month

The mouth is a fascinating part of the human body. If we break it down into anatomical terms, it all sounds pretty complex (and kind of gross), but when we think of it simply as a communicatory device and an object of beauty, therein lies its magnificence. With our mouths we communicate verbally and non-verbally: smiles or pursed lips can often translate a message just as well as words. We call a lot of attention to this area of the face, and it’s no wonder, it being one the liveliest features of our appearance. Among other functions, mouths are just pretty. You can thank your lips for that.

Lips, in all their glorious shapes and sizes, are even more attractive when accompanied by lipstick. This cosmetic practice of decorating your lips dates back to Mesopotamian culture when women used ground up gemstones for lip enhancement. Today, lipstick is still incredibly popular with women everywhere and is, I think, the most iconic of all cosmetic products.

With Christmas only a few weeks away, tis’ the season to don your most flattering shade of festive, red lipstick. Before you paint yourself up remember while lipstick application seems simple, there’s a lot that can go wrong. Here are a few tips to create the perfect holiday lips.

Choosing a Color

Taking the time to identify which shade of red is right for you is the first step. Women with fair skin should wear reds with blue undertones, which are just your classic reds. For those of us with a darker complexion, orangey reds work best. Both skin types should steer clear of reds with pink in them.


Moisturizing your lips beforehand will make your lips softer and easier to work with. If your lips are especially dry, you can always exfoliate them with some sugar and olive oil. Applying a lip primer after these steps will add to the longevity of your lip wear and prevent feathering.


Another way to prevent feathering is to line the shape of your lips with a lip liner. A color matching the shade of your lipstick will do the trick, as well as a nude shade. Be true to the natural shape of your lip, exaggerated lines won’t go unnoticed.

First, Second and Top Coat

Now’s the time to start adding your color! You can apply your lipstick directly from the tube, but it’s much easier to control when you use a lip brush.

Blot your lips on a piece of tissue paper and continue with the second coat. This will intensify the color and stain your lips, allowing for longer wear less fading.

Unless you prefer your lips to look to have that velvety matte look, you might want to add a gloss to make your lips shine.


Either with your finger or a brush, apply concealer around your mouth. This technique helps to eliminate smudging and bleeding.

Take your lipstick with you when you go out. No matter how bright and rich the color seems right after application, it will fade.

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