40+ Shimmering Winter Camping Outfits Ideas For Womens To Copy

The summer and autumn are both great opportunities for getting out and about in the great outdoors, walks in the countryside, camping, horse riding, sailing and fishing. What ever takes your fancy. Fresh air and exercise has a way of making you feel so much better about life and making everything seem great.

The problem in the UK is that the weather can be quite changeable and to enjoy your outdoor activities, you need to wear or be ready with the right clothing to keep you warm and dry. Without the right clothing, you could well find yourself packing up to go home. But whilst warmth and comfort are really important, for some style and looking good is just as important. You you will probably want your outdoor activity clothing to look just as good as your usual daytime wear but in a different way.

Fleece are just about the best way to keep warm when the weather turns cold. They are light weight so easy to carry or pack in a bag and can be layered under a waterproof layer if the weather turns really nasty. You also don’t need to worry about getting them dirty as they can easily be popped in the washing machine once you get home. In order to choose a fleece that looks casual but stylish look for one with just the right fit. Too big and a fleece will make you look completely shapeless and too small will also look unsightly. A fitted or semi fitted style is by far the most flattering for most people. This black shaggy fleece with high collars and pockets strikes the perfect balance between practical and stylish.

A padded coat is the ideal piece of clothing for wearing on  walks in the countryside, especially for the autumn and winter when the weather can get really cold. The pockets of padding give this style of coat plenty of insulation making it really warm and the outer layer also makes it waterproof which is really handy in the UK. This silver quilt coat has a really stylish design and also a detachable hood.

A brightly coloured Gillet is a great way to add a little extra warmth but still keep your arms free to move around. It is perfect for the late summer or early autumn when it is not quite warm enough to wear a winter coat but too cool for just a top on its own. A gillet also acts as another layer to add a bit of extra warmth when wearing a waterproof jacket. A brightly coloured gillet worn over a patterned top is a great way to create an eye catching outfit for wearing outdoors. This green and ivory gillet is reversible so can be either green or beige depending on which you would like to wear that day. It also has pockets.

What every you choose to wear in the great outdoors, you can also look smart and stylish by choosing clothes in great colours with a great fit.

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