Incredible Mens Watches Military Ideas For Men Look More Cool 41
Incredible Mens Watches Military Ideas For Men Look More Cool 41

40+ Incredible Mens Watches Military Ideas For Men Look More Cool

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Many people think that men’s military watches are usually worn by police or soldiers when performing their assignment. This is true if it were 20 years ago. 20 years ago, the military watches for men had nice precision and often looked clumsy and dull. They were durable and could work in the harshest conditions. They had functions like altimeter to serve its goal. But the latest military timepieces for men have more effective functions and cool designs, which makes military watches for men suitable for more consumers, namely military men, outdoor activities lovers and some neutral customers shopping for a touch of roughness but cool look to their outfit. I would like to talk about a few striking functions of the latest men’s military timepieces.


Military watches are made of titanium. Titanium is one of the hardest components and can endure actual physical impact and all kinds of challenging conditions. Watch bands made of nylon or leather are far more durable than cheap plastic ones.

Night Vision

A lot of top end men’s military timepieces such as Suunto, Traser H3 and Luminox apply the H3 tritium technology which helps the users look at the watches even it is pitch-dark. This awesome technology enables the watch to glow for 25 years without any battery!

Highly Precise Chronograph Movement

Military watches for men usually have 3 or 4 subdials. This feature not only gives the watch high accuracy and precision, but also gives them high-tech and sporty charm which a lot of men want.

Work without a Battery

Almost all top market watches can work on their own without any battery. For example, Casio Pathfinder working on solar power can run for a long time without additional charge. What’s more, the Citizen solar powered eco-drive watch can work on both natural sunlight and artificial light solar power. Technology of this kind gives the timepiece infinite battery life without changing the batteries. You never need to worry about that your dead battery will spoil your watch.

Three-way Sensor

Most military timepieces such as Casio Pathfinder or Suunto X-Lander have this function. It includes altimeter, compass and barometer. You will never lose your way in the forest with a watch of this function. So, no one will say that they are solitary function devices.

It is obvious that men’s military timepieces are combinations of durability, design and performance. They are versatile watches. They are worthy of your consideration.

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