Sophisticated Beach Footwear Ideas For Men That Will Feeling More Comfort 46
Sophisticated Beach Footwear Ideas For Men That Will Feeling More Comfort 46

40+ Sophisticated Beach Footwear Ideas For Men That Will Feeling More Comfort

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When it comes to looking good on the beach and having footwear that makes life easy there is little better than the humble flip flop. This type of beach shoe are great because they are designed for easy wear, they are quick to put on and take off, and are generally hard wearing enough whilst cheap enough that you don’t have to worry too much about them whilst wearing them. Virtually all shoe shops and many online retailers sell many different styles of flip flops of various types but which are the best for men?

Ignoring the cheaper end of the market, after all just because you are wearing cheap beach sandals doesn’t mean you don’t want to look good does it, there is still plenty of choice out there in terms of different brands available. The obvious choices are brands such as Reef with their thong style straps and Havaianas but really there is lots of choice available.

Reef are famous for manufacturing a wide range of beachwear and their beach sandals are notable for their simple elegance and hard wearing design. While a pair of Reef’s will set you back more than the cheap pair at the local beach stall you can be sure you’ll be getting a pair that will last you long after your holiday has finished. Styles such as the Tatami have a natural look to them as if woven from reeds. If you prefer something a little more traditional then why not look at their Tobago range. There’s really so many to choose from that you’re sure to find something you’ll like.

Havaianas are a Brazilian company that pretty much specialises just in this type of footwear. They have a wide range available including many sports themed designs so you can get a pair that matches your favourite football or sports team. Havaianas flip flops are made with a durable rubber sole and thong style strap that not only looks good but will be long lasting as well.

Flip flops are not just great for the beach. You may want to consider wearing them around the house as they make a great alternative to slippers and they are easy to slip on and off as are slippers but are also strong enough that you can wear them outside. Try going to the local supermarket in slippers and you will get a few funny looks however if you wear flip flops then no one will pay any attention at all, unless of course it is admiring glances at your smart but casual footwear.

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