40+ Adorable Winter Wedding Cake Ideas That Everyone Need To Try

Many couples want to have their wedding in winter-when holiday season is in the air and when the snow and cold weather make everything more romantic. Moreover, this is the time of year when almost all people do not go to work. It is also more fun to go on a honeymoon in winter right after the wedding because almost all countries all over the world are celebrating either Christmas or New Year or both. And in planning a winter wedding, choosing some great winter wedding cake ideas should be at the top of your to-do list.

To help you on this one, here are some cake ideas for your dream winter wedding.

o One great theme for your winter wedding cake is a traditional theme. This theme includes the colors red, green, white, and gold. You can use icings with these colors or cake decorations. Usually, cake decorators use poinsettia or red ribbons design for these winter cakes.

o Another great idea is a rustic or woodsy theme. to achieve this, you need to use designs of natural objects that you usually see outside like pine cones, lanterns grapevines, bird’s nests, bird motifs like chickadee, holly leaves, and other natural things usually associated with Christmas. Use these to designs to decorate a white cake base.

o When you think of winter, what immediately comes to mind is Christmas. In decorating your winter wedding cake, think about Christmas symbols or objects such as snowflakes, holly, wreath, mistletoe, poinsettia, reindeer, Christmas bells and candles, stars, pie trees, and a lot more. You can use these to decorate the wedding cake but do not overdo it or your cake will look more like a Christmas cake than a wedding cake. Add a touch or romance like hearts, ribbons, or flowers. Do not use childish Christmas symbols like Santa Claus or candy cane.

o One of the best winter wedding cake ideas is a winter wonderland cake motif. The combination of white, silver, and ice blue shouts winter wonderland. Decorate it with ribbon and flower designs to make it more romantic.

o Use winter characters like penguins, polar bears, reindeer, and birds. Decorate your cake with a pair of these animals. Nothing can be cuter than a pair of these adorable characters on your cake.

o If you a re planning to use a round cake with several layers, you should decorate it with snowballs, snowflakes, or bells. Another popular option is a cake that looks like a stack of gift boxes. Red ribbons are the usual designs of this kind of cake.

o Think about a great and romantic cake topper. You can use a snow globe with a bride and groom inside. This is probably the perfect cake topper for a winter wedding cake.

These are just some of the winter wedding cake ideas that most bakeshops and cake decorators use these days. There are so many other cake ideas out there for a winter wedding. Choose the best one based on your wedding theme and also you and your partner’s preference.

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