40+ Awesome Mascaras Eyeliners Ideas For Party To Try

After a broad assessment of a large number of mascaras, I have realized that only a couple of them are very high-quality: Lancome, Avon, and Max factor. And by the way, CoverGirl and Maybelline are also beautiful if you need a broader range. The best mascara need not be water resistant, as long as you can make it stick to your eyes.

Perhaps you will appreciate the L’Oreal Voluminous mascara if you are a fan of larger eyes. They can make your eyes look significantly larger if you put them outwards on your eyelashes. This surely makes your eyes prominent so you will appear gorgeous. But whichever brand you buy, make sure to take appropriate steps and remove it when the party is over. Any artificial makeup product used often can negatively affect your skin.

Waterproof mascara can really be a fine choice if you know your way around it. You should apply double coats for the perfect look. As we can buy numerous colors other than the usual black one, you can choose whichever contrasts with your clothes & eyeliner.

The issue with non-waterproof mascaras is just that they spread around upon contact with water. In contrast, waterproof ones make you relaxed as you can enjoy the party without worrying about your eyelashes. Appropriately applied mascara makeup can have those effects which are generally mentioned in poetic text.

I listed many brands in the start and you can try one of them to find the best waterproof mascara you can get. But as I stated previously, it is not compulsory for it to be water resistant as long as it looks splendid on you.

Go for delicate coats whenever you use mascara and to add another touch, you can use colored lenses if you wish. The charm of mascara does not require any praise, and they can often be the difference in that smooch you badly demand from your spouse.

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