40+ Cute Lighting Ideas For Your Weddings That You Need To See

In recent years, there has been a move towards consulting a lighting specialist when planning a wedding. Rather than accepting their venues the way they are, brides and grooms are exploring creative options for setting a mood, personalizing their wedding, camouflaging unattractive features, and highlighting beautiful ones. This is an overview of the ways in which specialty lighting can be used to enhance a wedding.

Perhaps the biggest trend in wedding lighting has become the use of chandeliers. The most fascinating thing about this is that it is not only the fancy weddings with black tie attire and loads of jewelry which are being decorated with rented chandeliers. Whether they are opulent crystal chandeliers, rustic ones for barn weddings, or sleek modern lights for a loft wedding, it seems as though the reception just isn’t right until it has been lit by a chandelier. The visual impact of a specially selected light over each dinner table simply cannot be beat. Chandeliers are also a marvelous way to add style to a generic space or to draw attention away from an unappealing ceiling. Even weddings in tents and barns are being dressed up with chandeliers.


Another very hot type of wedding lighting is colored gels. These can be used to add drama and style to the ceremony, the reception, and especially the dance floor. The colors can even be designed to change as the evening progresses to achieve a different ambiance at different times. This sort of advanced lighting technique definitely requires the services of a lighting specialist.

Spotlights also are wonderful for weddings. Shine a spot on any area that you wish to highlight, such as the wedding cake. The bright light will ensure that your stand out elements get the attention they deserve. Another popular use for spotlights is to shine them on the bride and groom during their first dance. A nice side benefit about spotlights is that when you draw attention to certain features, the areas left in the dark will naturally recede; great when you have an ugly corner to hide.

A really cool thing you can do with specialty lighting for your wedding is project a monogram or motif. They can be done in white or colored lights. The most popular places to shine the custom design is on the center of the dance floor or on the wall behind the head table. Monograms are especially popular, but some couples will also choose a unique motif, such as a regal crown. This is a detail that is sure to impress.

When you are devising a lighting scheme for your wedding, be sure to factor in candles. They are low tech, to be sure, but candles remain the most romantic form of lighting. Nothing is quite as lovely as the flickering glow of candlelight reflecting on your guests’ faces and bringing out the sparkle in their wedding jewelry. Candles are inexpensive and plentiful, so be sure to use them in abundance.

Lighting a wedding should be a central feature of the overall design rather than an afterthought. The transformative power of light is simply marvelous, and you can use it to fantastic effect. A specialized lighting plan will be just what you need to elevate your wedding from merely pretty to pretty spectacular!

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