20+ Summer Men Summer Outfit Ideas To Try When You Have Nothing To Wear

With spring almost here and the winter dying down it’s time to take a look at the trendy men’s clothing you should consider investing in for this coming season. It’s better to be prepared for this season’s styles so you can stock up your wardrobe with the right men’s clothing and accessories. Fitted blazers will be very in fashion over light coloured button down shirts with short sleeves. The arms of the blazer should be pushed up the arm for a gathered look. Navy blue and khaki coloured blazers are perfect for wearing on jeans. This is a casual men’s clothing outfit perfect for every day wear.

Short scarves tied around the neck are going to be the most popular accessory for the spring and summer season. They are the ideal accessory for any outfit of Men’s clothing. For formal wear you can choose a short silk scarf to wrap around the neck and tuck it into your button down shirt. It can be a good option if you don’t feel like wearing a tie. For completing a casual look you can select a bold coloured paisley scarf that can be tied around the neck and hang out of your t-shirt.

A button down formal vest matched with a fitted t-shirt and some jeans make for a great casual summer outfit. The combination of formal and casual men’s clothing makes for a very relaxed and approachable look. A vest can also be paired with cargo shorts if the weather is warm. Plaid vests with the buttons left open look particularly attractive. Brown, blue, grey and black plaid on white are perfect patterns for summer vests. The lighter and brighter the colours, the better they are for this casual men’s clothing look.

Another great mix of formal and casual men’s clothing is a tuxedo shirt with a couple buttons opened up at the chest and the sleeves rolled up to the elbows. This formal shirt can give such an amazing contrast to a pair of blue jeans or some regular trousers. If it’s particularly hot out you can wear a tuxedo shirt with denim shorts and a pair of flip flops.

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