20+ Classy Women Braided Hairstyles Ideas For Adorable Look This Season

The braid hairstyle is a flattering, sexy style for women with medium to long hair and if this is you, it could be the look for 2020. Braids are great in the summer weather, just start with a pony tail and braid your hair. You can choose from French braids, plain braids or corn rows. Braids are so versatile, they can be interwoven with pretty ribbons, or pinned in place with classy clip. The French braid is great for controlling unruly locks on a bad hair day.

If you decide to braid your hair, the first thing you must do is to make sure that your hair is tangle and knot free. You can either gather all your hair up from the crown, comb into three sections and put in pony tails. You can then braid each section separately and pile them on top of your head – secure with a jeweled pin for a really great summer 2020 look. Actress Anne Hathaway uses an upswept braid hairstyle for evening events.

Before you start to braid you should spray your hair with water or styling spray to make it easier to comb. Again divide the hair into three sections hold the middle section firm and pull the right section across, then the left, and then pull across the center. You can braid your hair loose or tight depending on your preference. Always finish off your braid with an elastic band. You can then either leave the braid hanging or wind it around your head. Once you get used to braiding, it can be done within a few minutes.

More complex braiding techniques such as corn rowing – usually used by African Americans but an increasing number of other people now use this technique, can take up to three hours to complete. If you have medium to long hair, the braid hairstyle could be a great look for you in 2020.

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