20+ Cute Edgy Street Style Outfits Ideas To Copy This 2020 Year

Most fashion magazines (whether online or offline) have a section dedicated to street style. This is when they get their best photographers out onto the streets, snapping photos of all of the fabulously dressed people they see. These days, street style tends to refer to high-tops, trendy glasses, cardigans, leather jackets, fedoras and more. In other words, it’s youthful, it’s casual, it’s a bit edgy. But visit the Sartorialist’s blog and you’re in a whole new ballgame. This fashion fan is also known for capturing the creative and fashion forward looks of those who live the streets of places like Milan, Paris, Tokya, New York, London and various other fashion capitals of the world.

And while yes, you do see the youthful, casual, edgy types on his blog, you also see old veterans of style, you see people wearing everything from couture at midday to corduroys in the evening. These people are just fashionable they are stylish, which is precisely why the blog requires little to no editorial- the pictures speak very much for themselves.Tweed has made a powerful comeback in recent years. A sophisticated look often associated with pocket watches and pipes, it is wonderfully paired with dress slacks or even corduroys.

It seems that shoe-covering denim is back on trend. No that doesn’t mean that all you ladies have to throw out your favourite skinny jeans, but it does mean that you can try something new. These flared trousers are still fitted at the top, just wide at the bottom and long enough to wear over heels without falling over yourself.Okay this might generate scoffs and eyerolls from some, but bits and bobs of fur can be very elegant. You can go for the whole jacket, or you can just have a scarf, a hat, or maybe even a lining on your hood. For a real splash you might get some fur dyed in bright, bold colours.

Geometrical shapes have been in fashion for a few seasons now. Whether it be the shape of your actual clothes, or geometrical shapes on your clothes, ie. argyle, checks etc. it doesn’t matter. For extra fashion snaps, get creative with colour.From watches to rings to bracelets, jewellery has always been available for men, but only some men brave the look. With so many different types and styles of jewellery available the options are endless. Whether you’re a bohemian or a posh banker, there are styles of jewellery to fit your look.

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