30+ Impressive Long Skirt Outfit Ideas For Working Women To Try

A long skirt looks elegant at any occasion it is worn to. It is an essential piece of clothing for anyone who dresses modestly. Before wearing a long skirt a few thoughts should be considered on your body shape. You will want to wear a long skirt that flatters your body type. Go to a couple of high street shops who sell long skirts and try out several different styles of long skirts. Experiment with teaming up with different styles of tops until you find a look that suits you and you are comfortable with. Here are a few ideas.

The long Full Skirt – This type of skirt will suit a medium to tall height women. The fullness of this skirt can overwhelm a shorter or petite person. This style of skirt is popular in the summer months. Wear it with bold and chunky accessories and sandals to create a casual look. This style of skirt can come plain, printed or tiered.

An A-line Skirt- This type of skirt will suit most figures. You can wear this type of skirt with a blouse and a matching short jacket for a smart look to work. Just add some heels to finish the look. Or wear it with a top or a short tunic and add a wide belt for a casual look. If you wear the skirt with a pattern on it or flowery then keep the top plain. This will stop you from overdoing it.

The Ruffled Skirt – This type of skirt will suit you if you have a slim figure. If you are a bit on the large side, then avoid this style of skirt as it will only make you look larger. To wear this skirt successfully the key is to keep the rest of the outfit very simple, especially if it also has a print on it. Add some simple mules to finish this feminine look off.

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